Listed Buildings

We have experience of working with buildings listed Grade II and Grade II*  and are currently appointed to support a client with multiple applications on a site that contains Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II listed structures. As an owner of a listed building you become a custodian of a small part of the Nation’s heritage.

With listed buildings we start with a historic assessment to gain understanding of its history and the significance of what exists. This is used as a baseline to assess impact of any proposed works. Where works are agreed to go forwards, there will be a greater level of detail required to ensure the materials and method are compatible and appropriate.

Where new build extensions or freestanding buildings are sought within the curtilage of a listed building, any impact on the building and its setting needs to be carefully considered in relation to the specific context, as there are no hard and fast rules as to what may be approved. We seek to work closely from the outset with the local Conservation Officer and Historic England.