Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As Architects we help our clients take projects from early concepts to completion. This process starts by assisting in compiling client’s requirements, developing design options / site appraisals, before preparing planning and building regulations submissions. Then construction drawings & specifications are prepared for tendering before inspections and valuations during the build. Traditionally hand drawings and written specifications were used to describe the work but a major change is occurring with 3D Building Information Modelling.

BIM changes the workflow, with the potential to store information as the building is virtually built and decisions made. Where a team uses BIM, a more integrated team-working environment is supported. Our clients are able to take virtual building tours using the model. This means design changes can be made and visualised at each of the design stages. Being able to see the effect of changes means clients can make decisions with more confidence.

We are also able to run energy assessments for alternative designs using the built-in EcoDesigner tools; Virtual reality renderings are possible using the built-in Cinema 4D tool, which clients note helps to visualise room layouts or colour schemes. The free BIMx App, allows clients to view their 2D drawings and 3D model whilst on site. Self-builders in particular find benefits with drawings and specifications integrated into one 3D model when needing to brief suppliers or sub-contractors.